Daniel Trego

I have been a climber since I was able to walk. Growing up in Colorado, it was only natural for me to climb. My parents climbed, my friends climbed, my brother climbed. There is so much rock in Colorado, that I took it for granted much of the time I lived there.

In 2013, I moved to Las Cruces to pursue my career as an electrical engineer. The difference in the landscape was startling. Accustomed to the towering Rocky Mountains, rolling plains and pine forests of the Front Range, the Chihuahua Desert looked barren. And it seemed almost hopeless to continue to consider myself a climber.

In the past 3 years, however, I have discovered much beauty in the desert. Plant and animal life is abundant, unique, and resourceful here. And the climbing is amazing if you take the time to find it. The rugged Organ Mountains provide access to world-class adventure granite, with 1,800-foot ascents that provide stunning views of the desert floor below.

I love living in southern New Mexico, and all of the recreation opportunities afforded by our public lands!