Friends Response to Antiquities Act Executive Order, April 26, 2017

The Organ Mountains – Desert Peaks National Monument belongs to New Mexicans. In fact, it belongs to all Americans. Our monument tells a story of struggle, of life in our Chihuahuan Desert, and of the cultures and inhabitants who helped shape our way of life today. It’s a history that must be told, and that lives in our monument. The majestic mountain peaks that rise high above our desert valley form the landmarks that guide us home. Our monument is both the place where we go to spend time with our friends and families, and also the place we go to reflect in solitude. It’s a place that we’re safeguarding for all New Mexicans, and for our future generations. Everyone is welcome here.
Our national monument is as much about the people as it is about the land.  It first belonged to those who first roamed and relied on this wild and rugged place — an ancient people who tell their stories in the artifacts and petroglyphs that dot this landscape. Today is belongs to the families who  grow closer together by making time to explore and create life long memories on these public lands. It belongs to the sportsmen and women, who for generations have chased wild game and hunted these lands. It belongs to the hundreds of volunteers who put in the time and care ever year to maintain our trails and landscapes. It belongs to the visitors who come from all over the United States that look up in awe to the majestic peaks that Las Crucens are lucky to see every morning when they wake up.
Today, the Trump administration signed an Executive Order that threatens National Monuments across the West, including our Organ Mountains – Desert Peaks National Monument.
Millions of years of natural history and thousands of years of human history have shaped this National Monument, and we fought to protect it. We are now prepared to defend it.  The Friends of Organ Mountains – Desert Peaks are your voices and we will continue to work every day to protect our National Monument.
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