Monument Review Update and Next Steps

Monument Review Update

The 60-day comment period for national monument review came to a close on July 10, after President Donald Trump signed an executive order on April 26 directing the Department of the Interior to review two decades’ worth of national monument designations, including Organ Mountains – Desert Peaks.

At the outset of this review, there was no question for our staff and board that our Monument, which protects some of Southern New Mexico’s most important cultural, historical and natural resources, is embraced and deeply loved by a diverse and bipartisan majority of Doña Ana County residents. Still, the degree to which our community and its leaders activated in response over the last 60 days has truly reminded us of why our Monument was designated in the first place, and why it matters for future generations of New Mexicans.

After the April 26 announcement, Doña Ana county leaders and residents wasted no time in organizing. Over 300 people turned out to a “Stand with our Monument Rally” at the Ramada Inn. In the weeks following, local tribal leaders, business leaders, faith leaders, elected officials, sportsmen and women, recreation users, scientists, and the general public raised their voices in local media and public meetings to show support. Local leaders traveled to Washington to carry our message. The Doña Ana County Board of Commissioners, City of Las Cruces, Town of Mesilla, City of Sunland Park and City of Anthony passed formal resolutions in support of the monument. Southern New Mexico residents jumped at the chance to submit thousands of comments to the Department of Interior on why our Organ Mountains – Desert Peaks needs to be protected.

Thank you

For all of your effort, our staff and board extends a tremendous thanks to everyone – from regular folks to elected officials – who stood up, spoke out and submitted comment to the Department of Interior in the last 60 days.

It’s not over yet

The Monument  Review process runs until August 24, 2017. Secretary Zinke stated in a July 11 press release that he plans to visit New Mexico in the coming weeks.  This is the most crucial time for public outpourings of support yet – we need you to be ready to stand up and join us to show Secretary Zinke how much we value our Monument.

Next Steps

We’ll keep you posted on Zinke’s visit to New Mexico and how to show your support via FacebookTwitter and  e-Newsletters (click Join us then “Subscribe”) from our home page.

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