Our Priorities

Our successful grassroots organizing and advocacy led to the establishment of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks (OMDP) National Monument in 2014. Since then, we shifted our focus to community access to our public lands. Not everyone in our community is able to safely access our national monument equally. We work to ensure that folks from Doña Ana County, regardless of their social, or economic background, have opportunities to learn and feel safe exploring OMDP. This work is done through our Moving Montañas Program, and through our Docent Program.

We understand that our community has different needs and uses for the national monument. That is why we continue to work with the managing agency (the Bureau of Land Management) on the needs of our community when accessing the OMDP National Monument

Friends of OMDP engage with the managing agency on a local, state, and federal level, understanding that their decisions and priorities impact our work.

Friends of OMDP continue to engage with our elected officials with the understanding that our treasured national monument is impacted by the amount of resources the managing agency receives to manage and conserve it. We want the Bureau of Land Management to have the resources that they need to continue their work in ensuring our environment lasts for generations to come.