Jose Solis

Board Member

Born and raised in Las Cruces NM. Growing up in NM allowed me to enjoy great camping, hunting, and fishing trips. My parents worked with the Royal Ranger ministry so the outdoors were a great part of this organization. As an adult I still continue to enjoy nature with my own family. I am married and have three children. 3 years ago my friend and I founded MTB New Mexico. This organization focuses on encouraging others to enjoy mountain biking. We also started a YouTube channel where we highlight local trails, instructional videos and all mountain bike content. One project that makes us proud is our program Little Wheels Big Changes, we provide bikes for children that could use the help to acquire a bike. For this project we have also connected with Jardin De Los Niños. I worked with people with developmental disabilities for 14 years. I had the privilege of teaching people how to work with individuals that need specific assistance. I also found jobs for people with developmental disabilities by creating community connections. In 2021 I graduated from NMSU with a bachelors degree in family and child science. I plan to remain in Las Cruces NM and enjoy working in this beautiful city we call home. Raising my children and enjoying the company of my wife is my priority. Serving my community is important to me, I would like to encourage others to be connected to nature.