Delbert Anderson’s Painted Mountains Music Tour Workshop

July 8, 2022: 11:00am – 1:00pm

For the first time in Bureau history, the BLM Artist-in-Residence program will feature a multi-site tour, as Native American jazz trumpeter Delbert Anderson and his ensemble D’DAT visit several National Conservation Lands sites in June and July 2022.

This is an event where the public can participate in a workshop with Delbert and his band where they will creating the musical compositions for the next day’s concert.

Saturday 7/9 is the scheduled concert at Centennial High School- no tickets are necessary. Just show up.

Register for the event here

About Anderson

Delbert Anderson and D’DAT combine jazz, funk, and hip hop yielding a unique and compelling sound appealing to people of all backgrounds. Anderson is a faculty member at San Juan College in Farmington, NM, and bases his music on traditional spinning songs from Native Americans. The resulting sound is rhythmic, multi-tonal, and rich in texture.

Historically, Navajo spinning songs have been a way for Diné to compose new pieces reflecting the present moment. Traditionally passed from generation to generation, spinning songs grew with the times and are still present today.

Anderson found a cassette tape of spinning songs and spoke with native elders to explore fusing spinning songs and today’s modern music. “They had songs for everything, love, war, ceremonies and healing,” he said. “The spinning songs I was influenced by were those with messages to our youth about minding manners.”

In its performances, D’DAT merges traditional and modern music structures to create an exciting new sound.