Hit the Trails for National Trails Day

Friends of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks plans several trail events

to engage New Mexicans that treasure public lands

STATEWIDE, NEW MEXICO – Friends of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks, in

partnership with the Southern New Mexico Trail Alliance and the American Hiking

Society, cordially invite outdoor lovers to lace up their boots, saddle up, and don

their bicycle helmets on Saturday, June 3, in honor of National Trails Day.

“The trail system in the U.S. is the most direct connection between people and our

great outdoors. It’s literally where boot rubber meets the trail road, and National

Trails Day is the perfect opportunity for New Mexicans to get outside, disconnect

from their regular nine to five lives, connect with like-minded nature lovers, and

enjoy the majestic natural landscapes of New Mexico,” commented Susan Singley,

Director of Programs for Friends of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks. “It’s also an

opportunity for people who care about access to protected public lands to mobilize

and voice their support for just how important our public lands are in New Mexico.”

National Trails Day is a national movement, supported by numerous federal

agencies and corporate sponsors. This year’s National Trails Day activities overlap

with the Next 100 Coalition’s Day of Action in defense of national monuments, which

are currently under Executive Order review by the Department of the Interior.

“Our public lands and National Monuments in New Mexico and across the country

provide the landscapes and access for anyone and everyone to find their own trail

experience and appreciate these special places. Moving through these landscapes

under one’s own effort allows one the space and opportunity to slow down,

experience an adventure and connect with something beyond oneself,” explained

Dan Carter, President of the Southern New Mexico Trail Alliance. “Here in southern

New Mexico, the Organ Mountains – Desert Peaks National Monument connects

small towns and communities to world class trails and outdoor recreation – hiking,

backpacking, mountain biking, horseback riding, bikepacking, and trail running are

all possible on our trail systems. National Trails Day is a day to celebrate not only

our trails and outdoors but how they can bring diverse groups together to

appreciate the public lands that belong to all of us.”

In 2016, National Trails Day boasted 2,391 events across all 50 states, Washington,

DC, and Puerto Rico, and 168,000 individuals participating in a variety of trail

activities. 21 of those events happened in New Mexico, largely focused on our

newest national monuments, Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks and Rio Grande del


“Our national monuments and their respective trail systems are a big part of what

makes New Mexico attractive to tourists and also what makes our state something

to be proud of,” pointed out Lisa Parshall of the Back Country Horsemen. “Riding on

horseback across scenic and historically significant parts of our country is not

something that can be had everywhere. It’s something that sets New Mexico apart as

a place to live and a tourist destination.”

The outdoor recreation economy in New Mexico is responsible for 68,000 jobs and

$6.1 billion in consumer spending. Since its designation in 2014, Organ Mountains-

Desert Peaks National Monument has enjoyed more than 170,000 visitors, a number

that continues to grow year over year.

Details of the numerous FREE National Trails Day events organized by Friends of

the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks, including hikes, trail runs, horseback and

mountain bike riding, and an ice cream social can be found on their website –




Friends of Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks seeks to enrich our community and diverse cultures

through advocacy, conservation and restoration of the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks

National Monument as a premier example of America’s National Conservation Lands. The

organization is committed to the protection and restoration of the ecological, natural, cultural

and historic resources of the Organ Mountains Desert Peaks National Monument and

National Conservation Lands. Our work will ensure the protection of the resources and

responsible access regardless of wealth, privilege or social standing.